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When to replace locks

The common misconception is that only worn-out locks need replacing. Even if that was true, how can you really tell just when it’s time to have your lock replaced? Here at Locksmith Service Cedar Hill, our technicians offer full service lock and key expertise to local residents. This is one question that comes up often. Our advice is to consider each lock replacement case individually. Read on and see what our Cedar Hill, Texas technicians suggest for keeping your locks up to date and working as they should.

Many reasons to replace locks

Our Cedar Hill, TX weather can run from very cold winters to very hot summers and everything in between. Weather can and does affect locks. Sure, they are made of metal and are quite durable but constant exposure to the elements does take its toll on your lock hardware; especially if it is outdoors. Other good reasons for replacing a lock include crime damage, age, vandalism, lock failure, basic wear and tear and of course, the need to upgrade. Lock replacement when done right can be fast, convenient and very affordable. Then there’s the option of getting a rekey instead of full lock replacement. All in all, you the consumer have many options and hopefully our words will help you make the right choice.

Re-key option

There is a lot of confusion about rekeys and how they differ from lock replacements. In truth they are vastly different and you really should know about these if you want to make better consumer decisions. A rekey is where your locksmith leaves your present lock in place. He or she will alter the lock interior though and replace the pins and springs so that only new keys are able to be used to open the lock. This serves to save you money as you don’t have to incur the cost of new locks and only for the less expensive rekey job. You get the benefit of having to use all new keys and when you think about it; the advantages are many. Take your home for instance; how many people have had or do have keys to it? These folks can include the builders, contractors, realtors, mortgage professionals, property managers, previous owners, tenants, guests, baby sitters, friends of children, etc. You can also consider any keys lost or copied in the past; they still work, or at least they did until your rekeyed the lock!¬†

Lock replacement

Wait! If rekeys are so good, then why do a replacement? Why not just save the money spent on that and stick with rekeys? A lock replacement is exactly what it sounds like; you replace the entire lock, including the inside pins and springs. This too forces you to use new keys but it also gives you other advantages like allowing you to upgrade your locks to better, more secure ones as well as for replacing any worn or damaged lock hardware that is too far gone to be rekeyed. Locks can age just like people do. With use and age, they can lose their effectiveness so often, it’s wise to simply replace the locks completely.

What does it mean to change the locks?

This often-used phrase frequently refers to both services. If a key is lost or stolen or if a tenant skips out without paying the rent and takes his key with him, we hear people say “we need to have the locks changed!” and they can be referring to either service. If you hear the term “change the locks” it can mean either rekey service or full lock replacement so it’s best to be more specific when actually ordering the service for yourself.

So how do you choose?

Selecting rekeys or lock replacement can be a challenge so just think what your goals are. Do you want added security or stronger locks? Opt for lock replacement and get high security, pick-proof locks or bump-proof locks. Are you satisfied with your lock’s performance but want better key control and less access to your property? Get that lock rekeyed and save on replacement costs. Are you selling your home and want to boast better security? Get upgraded locks and be sure to have your realtor list this as one of the benefits of buying your property. Are you less concerned about added security and want to save money? Rekey your locks and present your potential buyers with the benefit of solid locks with all new and unused keys. Still not sure what option to choose? Call our shop and speak to our friendly and helpful locksmiths. If you don’t live in the area, be sure to consult a full-service locksmith in your locale and discuss your wants and concerns with him or her. You’ll find their assistance invaluable when deciding which service is best for your security needs and budget.

Are you thinking of lock replacement? Here are some options:

If you want lock replacement service because of security issues or for a lock upgrade, strongly consider getting high security locks or bump proof locks. The cost is not much more than “regular” locks but the added security and peace of mind is enormous. These locks come in many sizes and price ranges and are virtually impossible to pick open or bump open. In fact, they cannot be smashed open, pried open or even shot open. Their solid steel parts construction is worth the price to pay for quality lock security at home or at your business.

Work with a locksmith 

Choose a full-service locksmith shop in your area for the best in lock and key purchases, installation and services. A locksmith that is licensed, bonded and insured offers hard earned expertise and in-the-field experience that is vital to really knowing your security boundaries. Many are quite affordable and offer free price quotes, 24-hour emergency service and best quality hardware. Invest in the right locks and locksmith service and you’ll reap the benefits daily!

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