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Locksmith Service Cedar Hill – Transponder Keys, Problems

Even though transponder keys are very convenient to have, and they do serve the purpose of not only providing convenience but providing better security, too, they can end up causing issues over time. It is good to know the proper steps to take if you do end up with issues with your transponder keys. Locksmith Service Cedar Hill is a company based in Cedar Hill, TX that can take care of programming and duplicating transponder keys. It is always a good idea to turn to a locksmith when you find yourself facing issues with your vehicle’s locks and keys. Why? Because a locksmith will have plenty of experience working with these components, but also because a locksmith will charge a better rate than a dealership or a mechanic will, in most cases. Read on for information if you are having transponder key problems!

Most Common Transponder Key Problems

Let’s start with the most common transponder key problems that one might face. 

  • Stolen or misplaced key

No matter where you live, you might find yourself dealing with some sort of theft at some point or another. If your key was deliberately stolen, then we are sorry that you are dealing with this incredible inconvenience. In this case, you will want to have a new transponder key programmed. Hopefully, if you lost your key, you are able to find it fairly quickly, but you can have a new transponder key programmed if you can’t find it.   

  • Broken key

A transponder key can end up breaking, just like any other key. Perhaps you used the wrong key and it broke off when you were trying to remove it. Or maybe the pieces simply came apart because you dropped your key. No matter how it happened, you will want to have the key fixed. Note that if you need to, you can replace the battery in the transponder key’s remote by buying one at a dealership or at a store which sells auto parts. You will need a screwdriver or similar tool to open the transponder key remote.   

  • Key is stuck

Any type of key can become stuck or jammed. If your transponder key is stuck, make it a point not to pull on it too hard. This could end up causing additional damage. Pull gently on the key and turn the wheel from side to side to try to remove it. Doing this isn’t forceful and shouldn’t cause any further damage. If the key itself is stuck in the plastic portion of the key, then you might need to contact an expert because it is very difficult to avoid breaking it.     

  • Key is not working

Do you have a dead battery? If so, this will cause the transponder key to fail to function. As mentioned, the battery can be replaced if you go to an auto parts store. You will need to pop the transponder key remote open and you might need a screwdriver or similar tool to do this. Place the new battery inside, then put the remote’s parts back together. You should now have a working battery.   

If replacing the battery didn’t do the trick, then you might need to have to transponder key reprogrammed. Do you know how to do this? In many cases, it’s best to just call a locksmith professional in the first place. You can try these steps: turn your car off and on 8 times very quickly. This might work to reprogram the radio frequency which exists between the key and the car. Of course, you can charge your transponder key fob by driving around, as they are recharged while driving. If this doesn’t work, call a locksmith. 

If there is something wrong with your ignition cylinder, the key might not work.  Check this part of your vehicle for debris and any items that might be clogging it.    

Transponder Key Tips

This is fairly simple but many people don’t take the time to do this. Be careful that you don’t break your key by dropping it too many times. Keep the key clean and don’t place too many items on the key ring. Only use the key to open your car door. Misusing the key can cause damage. 

Get a New Transponder Key If Needed!

Not just anyone can program or copy a transponder key. It takes specialized equipment and knowledge. But if you do need to have a new transponder key created, make sure you go to the right place. We are a company that can provide the services that you need whenever an automotive locksmith is needed. Locksmith Service Cedar Hill in Cedar Hill, Texas provides various auto options, but if you aren’t in this area, then we are confident you will be able to find a lock and security provider in your location that provides the same services. 

Sure, you have the option of going to the dealership or mechanic in your location. But think about how much these places are going to charge you. You are sure to get the best deals if you take the time to talk with a locksmith. We work with locks and keys for a living. Whereas other companies will specialize in various things, we focus on locks and keys. Whether you find yourself with the transponder portion of your key stuck in the plastic part of the key, or you dropped your key and it is broken in a couple of different pieces, a professional will be able to help you. Bear in mind that it is important to have a transponder key because it provides you with an additional layer of security. Having this type of key makes it much more difficult if not impossible for someone to hotwire your vehicle. It is likely that you were provided with two sets of keys when you purchased the car, truck or SUV. Be sure to keep the spare in a safe place so that in an emergency, you will be able to access it and use it!

Thanks for learning more about transponder keys and potential problems which can arise with them. We hope that you have found this information to be useful!

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